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The End of an Era at SMS

St. Madeleine Sophie School is announcing the end of an era today, as Miss Joanne Foster, and Mrs. Susan Brenner will be retiring this summer.  Miss Foster has taught at SMS for her entire career, starting right out of college 40 years ago.  She has taught countless students, and even some of their children as a Second grade, First grade or Kindergarten teacher.  She is truly a large piece of our school’s history and she leaves behind a legacy second to none. We have certainly been blessed by Miss Foster, as she has truly lived out her vocation as a Catholic School teacher in our parish school. 


Mrs. Brenner has also been a long time member of SMS beginning when her two now grown sons attended as students.  Mrs. Brenner is truly  a jack of all trades helping wherever and whenever needed. First as a volunteer then as an employee she helped in the library, lunchroom, aftercare and as a teaching assistant for over 25 years.  There is no task too big or small for Mrs. Brenner to tackle, and we are so appreciative of that. Mrs. Brenner is planning on returning in the fall to help with aftercare.  


We know that this news was a shock for us during the last days of school so it may be for you as well.  Because we were unable to plan a proper send off and thank you for Miss Foster and Mrs. Brenner, we do  have a plan to do so in the fall.  Knowing how much Miss Foster has loved the various incarnations of our Color Run, which began decades ago as a diocesan “Marathon” we have decided to turn this coming fall’s Color Run into a celebration for both women.  


This will allow past and present students and families, colleagues and friends to join us to celebrate and thank Miss Foster and Mrs. Brenner at a favorite SMS event, all while helping our school community.  Miss Foster has agreed to help us with the planning, understanding she does not want to be the center of attention at a traditional “retirement party” we thought this occasion would be the perfect fit.  This will also allow us the summer to prepare the proper tribute to such an important part of our SMS family.  


I know you join me in thanking both Miss Foster and Mrs. Brenner, wishing them well and praying for them as they begin their new adventures. We will be posting updates on our social media and in our church bulletin throughout the summer so we can ensure that everyone who would like to be part of the celebration is able to attend.  


If you would like to know more about the celebration, or simply thank these incredible educators, we ask that you take a moment to complete our Google Form so we can include you. The link is also in our bio.


A prayer for our friends:

Heavenly Father, we thank you for the gift of Miss Foster and Mrs. Brenner.

Thank you for the knowledge they have given us.

Help them know that wherever they go, a part of us goes along too.

May you keep them under your wing, gently guiding and protecting them

during this time of transition.