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So much to be Thankful for!

We are Thankful!!

St. Madeleine Sophie School has so much to be thankful for this year.  With most of our friends back on our school campus, we are growing and learning together in new and exciting ways!   As we reinvent some of our traditions and daily routines, we are overjoyed when we can continue a tradition similarly to how we did it in the past.  Our Four-Year-Old Pre-K friends helped us do just that last week.  

Usually, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving our entire school community gathers, in church for a prayer service before our community Thanksgiving luncheon.  This year we still had Father Jim, Father Des and our Four-Year-Old friends lead our Prayer Service in church while the rest of our classes watched the livestream.  Parents and friends were also able to join us virtually.   Pre-K friends helped by sharing the Prayer of the Faithful and each of the three classes recited a prayer or sang a song about Thanksgiving to finish. 

Following the prayer service, we came back to school where our classes celebrated in different ways.  Some classes watched the classic Charlie Brown Thanksgiving while enjoying a real Peanuts celebration with pretzels, popcorn, and jellybeans, reinforcing how we should be thankful no matter where we are or what we are eating!  Other classes read the story Stone Soup and enjoyed soup and biscuits, reiterating that when we all add a little something to the soup of life, how much better it is!  

We keep saying that we can navigate many things with our little friends if we just present the changes and prohibitions with a positive mindset, always being grateful for all we have.  You would be surprised at how reassured and excited our children can be when surrounded by a culture of positivity and encouragement.  

I would be remiss if I didn’t take a moment to thank you, our parishioners, our families and students, our incredibly dedicated faculty and staff for all they have done for us not only during these challenging times but always in every thing we do.  Then there are the people that surround, support, encourage and inspire us on this incredible campus, Father Jim, Father Des, Cathy Brennan, Kathleen Riordan, Steve Schafer, Donna Simone, Terri Bouchard, Nicole Kindrick, and Deacon Greg.   Although these are indeed challenging times, we are so blessed, to be able to assist our children through this time, attempting to keep them grounded, safe, and most of all centered in their faith.  Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!