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SMS Reopening Plan

St. Madeleine Sophie School Reopening Plan.


St. Madeleine Sophie School is excited to welcome back our school family this fall!  With assistance from our Reopening Committee, Faculty and Staff and with guidance from The Catholic Schools Office of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany, New York State Education Department, The New York State Department of Health, and The State Office of Religious and Independent Schools we present our plan for reopening. 


As we have learned throughout the Covid 19 pandemic, the situation can change very quickly.  We have developed a plan that will lend itself to quickly and responsibly moving between circumstances when needed.  As of today, August 7, 2020 St. Madeleine Sophie School plans on reopening our school for full in-person teaching and learning for all Pre-K and Kindergarten through Fifth Grade students.  Our revised academic calendar will follow shortly,  indicating that we will use additional time during the week of September 7-11 for Professional Development for Faculty and Staff (September 8 and 9)  and Orientation for our students and families, in smaller groups (September 10 and 11).  We expect the first official full day of school for all students to be Monday, September 14, 2020.  


We are grateful to everyone for sharing their time, talent and expertise in crafting a plan to safely reopen, and we look forward to engaging with each family to determine the best way for your child to return to learning at St. Madeleine Sophie School.  A family survey will be sent to gather information including your plan to either send your child back to school in-person or to develop a plan for remote learning for those unable to return in person.  Information will also be shared on how families can assist us in preparing our school facilities and students for returning to school.  


St. Madeleine Sophie School is blessed to have such dedicated and loyal members of our school family.  We feel assured that we will be able to rely on all members of our school family to do their part to keep all members of our school safe, by communicating, following all safety and health protocols and of course praying for strength, wisdom and patience as we begin this new journey together.  


There will be multiple opportunities made available for families to ask questions, express concerns or offer assistance in reopening in the upcoming weeks.

Currently the full reopening plan can be found on our website here:  or on our school website  under SMS Reopening Plan,  we will update the plan as needed.  Thank you for choosing to be a part of our SMS family. We look forward to seeing you soon!