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St. Madeleine Sophie School’s first STREAM Fair was an incredible evening of learning and sharing!  Expanding on our traditional Science Fair, our students integrated Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art and Math into extraordinary projects!

Kindergarten’s study of weather included engineering Arks out of popsicle sticks for Noah’s animals during the storm.  Wind experiments, Cloud Art, studying what Meteorologists do and writing about Jesus Calming the Storm rounded out a full STREAM unit of study!

First Grade was transformed into a Rainforest, including monkeys and snakes hanging from the ceiling!  Animal classification, building animal habitats, and observations complete with safari hats and binoculars turned our first graders into real life scientists!  Reading the Creation story, creating Tree Frogs, Jaguars and Macaws in art class and graphing completed their projects.

Second graders took on an engineering challenge of building an apparatus to get a miniature volleyball over an equally small net after learning about the science behind the forces of pushes and pulls.    

The Five Senses and Sensory Issues were the focus in Third Grade.  After learning about neurons and how they work with our brain, students studied what happens when some of our senses don’t work the way we expect.  Partners worked together to imagine toys or tools that would help people with such issues, and then they used engineering skills to create some amazing items, including dual purpose glasses, a soothing teddy bear and touch and feel books.

Fourth graders integrated the technology of QR codes to record their reports about the Presidents of the United States.  They also used their coding skills to demonstrate how to program our Ozobots.  Students and parents alike were intrigued at how the mini-robots moved forwards, back and spun in circles all because of the coding our 4th graders used!

Fifth graders were really “Building Bridges” between all the subjects!  Each student created a Google Slide presentation based on their research of a famous bridge.  Learning about how they were built, and the reasoning behind their design depending on its location in the world assisted our students in their own bridge challenge.  They were charged with building their own bridge entirely of spaghetti, that could hold as much weight as possible.  Students were stunned when bundles of spaghetti were holding more than 30-pound weights!

Our night also had an Escape Room aspect where families were given a Lenten themed binary code challenge in each room that they could complete before moving to the next classroom.  Families enjoyed not only the strong sense of community that they love here at SMS, but the variety of projects and activities students worked so diligently on.

We are beyond blessed to have such an amazing, creative and collaborative faculty that truly put their hearts, minds and souls into all they do for our children!