Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Harrington

Hi, my name is Miss Lauren. I began working at Saint Madeleine Sophie in our summer camp program. From there I moved to teacher’s assistant and finally teacher. I co-taught in the Pre-K four classroom for 2 years and am now a teacher in the Pre-K three classroom. 

In the three year old program at Saint Madeleine Sophie School we work to provide your child with a safe and happy environment where we help to foster a love of learning and each child is able to grow developmentally. Our classroom focuses on learning through collaborative play and hands-on activities. We also encourage and foster independence. The classroom itself is designed to provide your children with only positive experiences. The furniture is scaled to their size, and thoughtfully placed in the room to achieve a natural flow of movement. In our classroom we skillfully plan engaging learning activities that build upon what your child can do, encouraging exploration along the way. Most importantly, we offer opportunities for intellectual and social development, which is the key to a successful transition to our Pre-K four year old program.

The following are skills/learning centers for this age group:

Fine Motor Skills/Art 

Children are given plenty of opportunities to play with different textures: play dough, floam, sand, fingerprint, shaving cream, and more.  They are exposed to art materials such as paint and paintbrushes, crayons and paper, chalk, and clay.  Students are introduced to simple and varying levels of shaped puzzles (some with knobs on the pieces) and materials are rotated to provide variety.  Stacking blocks, shaking bells, doing puzzles, pouring, drawing, pasting, and swinging. Play enables a child’s small-muscle coordination to develop.

Active Physical Play

Running, jumping, climbing, lifting, pulling, pedaling, reaching, hopping, dancing, skipping, rolling, bending. Play enables a child’s large-muscle coordination to develop. We strive to get outdoors to play on a daily basis (weather permitting).

Music and Movement

Children attend music class once a week.  Children are exposed to various types of music. Students learn to dance, clap to the rhythm of songs, and even sing along. Play enhances eye-hand coordination and muscle development.


Daily use of block manipulation (including transportation toys, people, signs, and animals) help to develop spatial and mathematical relationships and most importantly imagination.