• Spanish Class Curriculum

    PreK - Grade 5

         The focus of the Spanish program at St. Madeleine Sophie School is to maintain an atmosphere of low stress and high motivation for the individual student.  This is the program's greatest strength. Students at all levels are presented with opportunities to read, speak (and write), in Spanish during each session.  In addition, pupils are invited to listen and repeat after the instructor numerous times during each class.  Since young children are natural mimics, this is a logical and very comfortable technique for acquiring an "ear" for a new language.

         Acquisition of the Spanish language and appreciation for its varied culture is encouraged through music and song, role playing, tongue twisters, poetry, chants, choral reading, body movement, finger plays, drawing/art activities, on-line activities, and so on. Cultural and cross-cultural connections are a key component to all content areas. The Spanish instructor at St. Madeleine Sophie School provides students with frequent opportunities to compare/contrast/make connections to the rich and varied cultures of the Spanish speaking world.

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