• SMS School Annual Fund


    St. Madeleine Sophie School students are given a solid foundation to help them become self-reliant, responsible students and citizens. We hold our students to higher standards both in and outside the classroom, by first giving them the gifts of faith and confidence, then the academic tools to reach and exceed those standards.

    Through the generosity of supporters of our Annual Fund, we are able to provide our students with these incomparable gifts and for that we are very grateful.

    For St. Madeleine Sophie School students, a Roman Catholic faith-based education is a gift that will be a source of strength, comfort and happiness for them throughout their lives.

    When you support our Annual Fund, you are not just giving a gift of money, you are encouraging in our students one of the Greatest of Life’s Gifts, the gift of Faith.

    To make a contribution to the St. Madeleine Sophie School Annual Fund, click on the “DONATE with PledgeConnect” link below.

    Faithful E-Giving


    What is Faithful E-Giving through Pledge Connect?

    It is an automated means to financially support the school through contributions from your checking, savings or credit/debit card account. There is no cost for you to participate in the program.

    To donate to the SMS School Annual Fund please click below and on the next page scroll down to SMS School Annual Fund Drive and click that button, directions are there to assist you.

    Donations can be a one-time or recurring contribution that is drawn directly from your checking, savings or credit/debit card account.

    Thank for you continued support of our school!