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    Physical Education is a very important aspect of the educational process.  Teaching the students to participate in a variety of physical activities and teaching them a variety of physical fitness and movement skills are only part of the fun we have in PE.  I hope to motivate the students to live a healthy lifestyle by teaching them the activities that will lead to a healthy lifestyle.  With all the technology that is availabe to kids, it is hard to avoid "screen time."  Although technology is an important part of all of our lives now, it is still important for children to get out and play and to enjoy being active.  

     My goal is to make physical activity fun and enjoyable for all of the students.  Not all students will be successful in the same activities, however, that does not mean that all students can not enjoy the activities.  

    In physical education, safety is my main priority.  Students are taught safe practices for all of the equipment and all of the activities we do.