• Our Technology Program at St. Madeline Sophie School is characterized by:


    Working Together


    A Colloborative Learning Environment

    Teamwork is at the heart of our Technology program. Whether we are programming Ozobots, using Google Classroom or publishing online, we are doing it together. Our collaborative classroom seeks to be, " alive with action -- teaching, learning, innovating, creating, making, and exploring. Our innovative learning spaces can encourage both individual and collective voices, and, through use of emerging technologies, they inspire students to become skillful curators of their digital worlds." (Read More About Collaborative Learning Here)


    Critical Thinking

    Our students are encouraged and taught to be critical thinkers. What is "critical thinking" in an elementary classroom and why is it important? "It's an approach to teaching that allows students to make sense of the content. They analyze the content, they evaluate the content, and they're able to apply it to their daily lives. Teachers ask specific questions to get the students to do those things." The ability to think critically will benefit students throughout their lives. The ability to think critically is one skill separating innovators from followers. It combats the power of advertisers, unmasks the unscrupulous and pretentious, and exposes unsupported arguments. Students enjoy learning the skill because they immediately see how it gives them more control. Yet critical thinking is simple: It is merely the ability to understand why things are they way they are and to understand the potential consequences of actions.  Read More Here


    Rooted in our Rich Catholic Tradition 

    Our students are encouraged to use Technology to promote and spread the Good News! We celebrate this marvelous and endless love of God in our prayer as class begins, in the work we publish online, and in our use of online content. We learn how to be safe online, how to be appropriate users of social media and how to use Technology to make our world a better place.