• Music education is part of weekly learning for all students PreK-5th.  

    Music instruction looks a little different this year.  It is currently offered in each individual classroom via video by Mrs. Reno.  Lesson content is age-appropriate and, depending on grade level, includes everything from rhythm reading play-alongs to music theory to expressive movement to illustrated folk song books to integrated content with music technology, art, religion, and more! 

    During normal non-pandemic times, music instruction happens in the music room in the parish hall building and we work toward several vocal performances each year.  

    More details of our non-pandemic music education program: 

    In early childhood, the focus is on the development of a healthy natural singing voice, a sense of steady beat, creative and expressive movement, playing classroom percussion instruments, and listening experiences.  These are the building blocks of good musicianship and further music study. PreK students sing at an annual Christmas performance and at the end of the school year.

    In the elementary grades, students learn the skills of good musicianship and music literacy through singing, playing classroom instruments, expressive movement (including folk dances and circle games), and listening experiences comprised of music from a wide variety of genres, time periods, and cultures.  K-5 students participate in annual Christmas and Spring Concerts, including a performance at Colonie Center Mall.