• June 17 - 21  NO HOMEWORK ROOM

    6 1/2 days left and we are all feeling it but are trying to stay strong and kind.  There will be no homework this week.  No more spelling lists.  No more math homework.

    We will be doing a variety of activities each day.  Here is, tentatively, what I have planned.

    MONDAY - Create your own robot.  Also, Minute to Win It games round #1

    TUESDAY - 5th grade graduation, NY state history crossword puzzles, Minute to Win It games round #2

    WEDNESDAY - Art skills galore in the morning; Camp read alot in the afternoon.  Students are to bring in their flashlights, favorite book(s) and favorite comfy item to lay on.

    THURSDAY - Board games and puzzles in the morning.  Students may bring in their favorite board games to share and play.  In the afternoon we will be attending our 4 year old buddies graduation.

    FRIDAY - Movie morning..what are we watching?  It's a surprise!    School picnic in the afternoon.


    June 10 - 14     NO HOMEWORK ROOM

    11  1/2 days left...the time is truly flying by!  Lots going on this week:

      TUESDAY - 9:00 closing all school mass.  All are welcome!  'Mulan' the play is at 6:30.

      WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY - 2:30 Talent Show Rehearsals

      FRIDAY - 1:00  Talent Show

    As for what we will try and accomplish this week:

    SPELLING - one last list with assignments

    READING - we are still reading 'James and The Giant Peach'.  

    MATH - our regular chapters have ended so we will be doing various reviews of different topics

    SOCIAL STUDIES - last week we learned a bit about the Industrial Revolution; this week I'm hoping to introduce some information about the Civil War


    June 3 - 7    NO HOMEWORK ROOM

    With the beginning of June, that means 17 school days left of this school year.  It truly is unbelieveable how fast this year is going.  With that being said we are going to try and keep the next 2 weeks as "normal" as possible.

    SPELLING - a normal list with assignments and tests on Friday

    READING - we will be starting the Roald Dahl novel 'James and The Giant Peach'

    MATH - number sequences will be our topic this week

    RELIGION - caring for God's creation 

    SOCIAL STUDIES - important Americans during the 1800's - Elizabeth Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, Sojourner Truth, Fredrick Douglass and Harriet Tubman

     *2 friendly reminders....Friday (the 7th) is a half day as well as a free dress day with a $1 donation for the rebuild Notre Dame fund.  The talent show is Friday, the 14th with rehearsal on the 4th.


    May 27 - 31  NO HOMEWORK ROOM

     Monday is Memorial Day - enjoy the day off!

     Thursday is all school mass at 9:00 to celebrate the Ascension.  All are welcome to attend mass.

     Friday no school for students due to professional development day for teachers.

    Being this is a 3 day week, homework will be light so NO HOMEWORK ROOM THIS WEEK!

     ELA - no spelling list this week;  going to delve into a few Scholastic News magazines for a few more non fiction pieces of reading/writing.

    MATH - Test Wednesday - pages to study in workbook volume 2 are pages 809 - 812 and 859 - 862.  I realize 4 of those pages are practice tests.  I recommended to students that an A student would do the practice tests.

    SOCIAL STUDIES - hoping to get into the Industrial Revolution and New York.  



    We are all getting very excited about the field trip on Monday.  Remember, please be here at school by 6:30.  Bus is leaving at 6:45.  A letter was sent home on Thursday with some last minute reminders and a schedule of our day.

     As for what is in store for the rest of the week:

    MATH - we are entering the world of geometry - triangles, quadrilaterals and lines of symmetry

    SPELLING - we will be having a list this week

    SOCIAL STUDIES - the development of early transportation in NY - mainly the Erie Canal

    RELIGION - a variety of topics - St. Madeleine Sophie, Mary, and God our Father and Creator

    READING/WRITING - still working with short stories and comphrension.  I have been pulling up past NYS ELA tests and having the students work on the reading and writing portions.  We need to work on writing stamina and remember everyday grammar/punctuation.




      I would like to thank everyone for all of the Teacher Appreciation well wishes, cards and gifts.   I feel so very blessed to be a part of the SMS family.

      I also want to wish all the moms a very Happy Mother's Day!  Thank you for all the support, encouragment and love you give your beautiful children.  And thank you for sharing them with me.

      Just a friendly reminder there is no school on Wednesday.  The faculty and staff will be attending a Diocese Faith Formation Day at St. Rose all day.

     So here is what we will be working on this week:

    SPELLING - yes, regular list and assignments

    READING/WRITING - short stories and comprehension questions to get in the practice of finding the important details

    SOCIAL STUDIES - the "setting up" of early NY after the Declaration and Constitution helped establish a national government

    MATH - revisiting angles and measuring 

    RELIGION - Monday is our school May Crowning.  The prayer service begins at 1:00.  We begin in the church and end by the statue of Our Blessed Mother in front of our school.



     I wanted to start out by thanking all of you wonderful parents for attending our parent/teacher conferences on Friday.  It is always so uplifting to see how we are all working together to build up these amazing students.

     As we plug along through May, assemblies, masses, and exciting activities are going to be popping up in our days.  Our daily schedules may get a bit topsy turvy but we are going to continue hold as many "normal" classes as we can here in 4th grade.  The learning will go on (I hope:)!

    SPELLING - yes, a list this week with homework

    MATH - more converting - metric units of length and mass this week

    SOCIAL STUDIES - branches of government, the War of 1812, New York's early government (Did you know New York City was New York's first capital?)

    RELIGION - We did not get to the Beatitudes so we will try again for this upcoming week.  We will also be taking about Mary as the month of May is dedicated to Our most Blessed Mother. 


    April 29 - May 3   NO HOMEWORK ROOM THIS WEEK

     I hope everyone has had an enjoyable, restful break.  We have a lot going on this week - play at NDBG on Monday, grades 3 and 5 state testing, and 11:00 dismissal on Friday for parent/teacher conferences.

     SPELLING - We will be having a list this week.   I am changing the assignments up a bit.  Students need to be sure to check the assignment board and write down assignments correctly.

     WRITING/READING - We will be enjoying some DEAR time/free reading as well as working on a variety of aspects of writing.

     MATH - Equivalence with units of length and capacity is our topic this week and probably part of next.

     RELIGION - We will be reviewing the true meaning of the Easter season and starting a study of the Beatitudes.

     SOCIAL STUDIES - We have finished up our study of the American Revolution.  Time to move on to the Declaration of Independence and then the Civil War


    April 15 - 19    NO HOMEWORK ROOM THIS WEEK

    Just a reminder that Wednesday is a half day (11:30 dismissal) and there is no school on Thursday (Holy Thursday) or Friday (Good Friday).

    There is an all school mass on Tuesday at 9:00 to celebrate St. Bernadette of Lourdes.  Our class is in charge of this mass.  All are welcome to attend.

    Wednesday is our Lenten Retreat.  Students will participate in activities to help them further understand the true meaning of Lent and Jesus' sacrifice.

    No spelling list this week.



    Thank you so much to everyone who came to our STREAM fair Wednesday.  The students really enjoyed showing off their hard work.    Next week is Holy Week.  There will NOT be homework room next week.

     Scholastic Book Club magazine was sent home on Friday.  Orders are due in by Friday, the 12th.

    As for this week:

     READING/WRITING - We will be reading one more biography from our readers this week.  We are trying to decipher the important facts from these non-fiction pieces.  We are also continuing to write our autobiographies.  We didn't get very far this past week.  

     MATH - We are delving back into the world of perimeter and area.  I am sorry if this past week was confusing.  When I realized area and perimeter wasn't getting the necessary time it needed I decided to take a fun detour into the world of angles.  The students seemed to really enjoy using protractors!

     RELIGION - With Holy Week and Easter quickly approaching, we will be spending this week focusing on Lent and its meaning in our 4th graders' lives.

     SOCIAL STUDIES - Students will be getting a study guide on Monday for the chapter 6 test that will be on Wednesday.



    I wanted to start out by giving a huge thank you to Mrs. Rose and Kailey for sharing some amazing antiques with us on Wednesday.  I've posted a few pictures in our slideshow of a few of the items she shared with us.  THANK YOU MRS. ROSE!!!

     2 quick reminders....1.  Friday is 11:30 dismissal  2.  Wednesday night, 6:30, STREAM fair.  More information about this coming home on Tuesday.

     As for this coming week:

     READING - We will be reading another biography.  Students are also working on writing their own autobiographies.

    MATH - We are looking at a variety of topics - area and perimeter, units of length (measurement), and some fun with protrators.

    RELIGION - Sacrament Quiz on Wednesday.  A student created booklet should have come home on Friday.  I will be sending home a better study guide on Monday.

    SOCIAL STUDIES - The late 1770's, Declaration of Independce and 4th of July is where our study will be taking us.





      Here is what is in store for this week...

    RELIGION - Learning more about the 7 sacraments.  Sacrament quiz scheduled for April 3rd.

    MATH - A variety of topics this week...money and measurement for example.

    READING - Another non fiction piece this week..'The Man Who Named the Clouds' is a biography.

    SOCIAL STUDIES - The reasons and people involved with the Revoluntionary War.  The Rose family will be sharing some great artificats from the mid 1770's with us on Wednesday.  



     Happy St. Patrick's Day!   To continue the celebration students have an out of uniform day tomorrow if they bring $1.00 for our class Rice Bowl.

    RELIGION - We will be studying a bit more about Lent - prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.

    MATH - We are still in the world of fractions.  This week we are becoming familiar with adding and subtracting mixed number fractions (same denominators) as well as a few other aspects of fractions.

    READING/WRITING - Non fiction text/informational text is where our study will be this week.  Yes, we will be having spelling even though it is only a four day week.

    SOCIAL STUDIES - We are learning about the American Revolution - Patriots vs. Loyalists.  

                                               DON'T FORGET FRIDAY - NO SCHOOL



    As we enter our first full week of Lent, we are keeping busy as always.

    RELIGION - We are still continuing our Family Life booklets and deeper understanding of Lent.

    MATH - While we are still studying fractions, we are taking a detour to learn about line plots and how to create them.

    READING - 'The Horned Toad Prince' is our fable this week.  This continues our study of myths, tall tales, and fables.

    SOCIAL STUDIES - The French and Indian War and our early government is our current unit of study.



    Wanted to start this week's newsletter by saying a big thank you for the fabulous Bottle Buddy Presidents.  They look great!  This Wednesday is Ash Wednesday which means the start of Lent.  All school mass on Wednesday at 9:00 - all are welcome.  On Tuesday we will be celebrating Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras with a pancake breakfast.  We will be sitting with our 4 year old buddies to further enjoy this time.

    As for this week:

    RELIGION - We are continuing our Family Life booklets as well as discussing Lent.

    MATH - This past week we ended by learning how to multiply a whole number and a mixed fraction.  We will be studying this a bit more, especially on Monday and Tuesday.  I am hoping to have a Lesson 10 test on Thursday or Friday.  A review of what will be on the test will be coming home this week.

    READING - Paul Bunyan and tall tales was our focus this past week.  This upcoming week we are exploring myths and what makes a myth a myth.

    SOCIAL STUDIES - We are trying to finish up our study of life in early NY - careers, school, medicine, etc.



    Hope everyone has enjoyed the break.  Just a reminder that the President Bottle Buddies are due Thursday, the 28th.    Also, Friday is 11:30 dismissal.

     OK, here's what our week has in store for us.

     RELIGION - We are still learning from our Family Life booklets.  We will also be starting a look at Lent as next Wednesday is Ash Wednesday.

    MATH - Still in the world of fractions - this week, multiplying.

    SPELLING - Back to regular list and assignments.

    READING/WRITING - We are finishing up some poetry (hoping to have a Poetry "Coffee House" on Friday).  We are entering the world of tall tales and myths.  This week we are reading a version of 'Paul Bunyan'.  



     Next week is February break so we have a few topics we are trying to wrap up before then.  This Thursday is Valentine's Day.  Students are allowed to bring in valentines for each of their classmates.  We will decorate bags in class to hold these sweet messages.  I am hoping, with the students' good behavior, that we will earn the privilege of watching the movie "Wonder" on Thursday.  A permission slip for this movie will be coming home on Monday.

     As for this week:

    RELIGION - We will be delving into Unit 2 in our Family Life booklets.  This unit focuses on our feelings/emotions and how to act on them.

    SPELLING - Regular list with regular assignments

    READING - This week we will be reading, from our textbooks, 'So You Want to be President?'  This will lead us into a research of various presidents and a Bottle Buddy project.  Specifics for the Bottle Buddy project, which will be completed at home, will be coming home on Tuesday.

    MATH - We will be continuing our studying of adding and subtracting mixed fractions.


    February 4 - 8         HOMEWORK ROOM MONDAY & TUESDAY

    I hope the students enjoyed Catholic Schools Week.   Due to all the fun extras we did during the week I did give the students 1 homework assignment for the weekend - read their book report books.  Hopefully the book came home with them on Friday.  It needs to be brought back to school on Monday.  Thank you!

     As for this week:

    SPELLING - Normal list this week.  I am switching up the assignments a bit this week.  A new homework option will be coming home on Thursday.

    READING - With the students reading this weekend, we will hopefully be completing the packets they have been working on this week.  Next week we will be working on biographies of presidents.  I will be assigning a project students need to complete at home.  More details to come but students will each need 1 two liter bottle.

    ENGLISH/WRITING - I am hoping to work in some poetry this week as well as editing skills and producing quality 4th grade sentences.

    MATH - Still in the world of fractions.  This week we will be discovering how to convert improper and mixed number fractions.

    SOCIAL STUDIES - New Netherlands and New York as early established New York settlements is our current topic

    RELIGION -This week we are beginning our Family Life booklet.  In this booklet, which we will keep at school, we will be covering topics such as God's gift of family, God's gift of love, God's gift of self and God's gift of community.  Each week I will send home a Family Time unit page that reviews what our topic was for the week as well as giving you some activities/ thoughts to discuss with your family to further our class discussions/activities.



    January 28 - February 1   HOMEWORK ROOM  MONDAY & TUESDAY

      Happy Catholic Schools Week!

    We have lots of fun activities planned for the week.  We will be trying to do some learning too.  Wish us luck!

    SPELLING - yes, we are having a list this week

    READING - still working on those novels

    MATH - adding and subtracting fractions

    RELIGION - 10 Commandment test on Wednesday.  A study guide came home Friday.



    January 21 - 25       HOMEWORK ROOM ON TUESDAY 

     Hope everyone enjoys the 3 day weekend and stays safe in the snow.   The pencil bandit seems to be striking in our classroom - pencils are disappearing at an alarming rate!   If you happen to have any spare pencils at home, please send them in with your student.  Thank you so much!

     O.K.  This week:

    SPELLING - yes, we will be having a list this week

    READING - Students are continuing to read their novels.  They are either reading How to Eat Fried Worms, The Borrowers, Holes or Indian in the Cupboard.  Each students are reading they are filling in pages of their packets.  We can't wait to show you how we display this great information about each book!

    MATH - We are still studying fractions. This past week we looked at making equivalent fractions.  Next week, comparing fractions.

    SOCIAL STUDIES - Students were introduced to Henry Hudson and Samuel deChamplain this past week and their influence in our state's history.  We are continuing this time period as well as NY's early settlers.

     Since early December I have been reading aloud to our class the book Wonder.  As we have been reading, it has given us the opportunity to discuss how to be kind.  There are 2 quotes I keep sharing with the students.

                              "If you have to choose between being right and being kind, choose kind."

          "If you act just a little kinder than is necessary, someone, somewhere, someday may recognize in you

    the face of God."                       Just trying to inspire some random acts of kindness :) 


    January 14 - 18       HOMEWORK ROOM MONDAY & TUESDAY

     We are slowly getting back into a "normal" routine.  With this bitter cold weather students are wearing their SMS sweathshirts.  It would be very helpful if the student's name or initials could be put on the label.  Sweathshirts are getting mixed up and/or left in the classroom.  If you think you are missing any articles of clothing, the lost and found is at the bottom of the stairs by first grade :)

     As for this week...

    READING - Students have begun their new novels.  We do have a work in progress project we are doing with this reading.   

    SPELLING - Normal list and assignments this week.

    ENGLISH - We were able to complete some study about verbs.  This week we will add information about adverbs.

    MATH - Equivalent fractions was our study topic last week.  We will be covering this a bit more this week.

    SOCIAL STUDIES - Early New York is still our topic.

    RELIGION - We are looking more closely into the first 3 commandments this week.  


    January 7 - 11

     My apologies for submitting this so late on Sunday evening.  As you hopefully know, no school on Monday the 7th due to Ms.Aoisi's funeral.  Once classes resume, I'm hoping we will be getting back to something of a normal routine.  Here is what I'm hoping to get to or at least start this week:

    READING - I'm going to divide the students into literature circles.  Each group will be reading a different grade level novel.  Be sure to ask your child what book they are reading! 

    SPELLING - I'm thinking we will be having a list this week.

    WRITING - I'm hoping to do a 'how to' writing about snowmen.

    MATH - We will be starting our unit on fractions.

    RELIGION - The 10 Commandments will be our next unit of study.

    SOCIAL STUIDIES - Europeans coming to New York - Henry Hudson, New Netherland and New Amsterdam is what chapter 4 is about.   


    January 2-4

     Well we are back!  Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had an enjoyable break.  Just a reminder this Friday, the 4th is 11:30 dismissal.

     ELA - We are going to be doing some non fiction reading, trying to gleam main idea and supporting details.

     MATH - We will be doing some review of multiplication, multi digit, and division.

    SOCIAL STUDIES - We will be working on maps of New York state that show geographic regions as well as major cities and early Native American settlements. 

    RELIGION - We will be talking about Christmas as well as the Ephiphany (Feast of the 3 Kings). 


    December 21st

     I just wanted to say a very sincere thank you for all the generous gifts.  Your kindness is deeply appreciated.  I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.  I'll see you in the new year!


    December 17 - 21  HOMEWORK ROOM ONLY MONDAY

    Phew!  How the time is flying!!  Hard to believe this Friday is our Advent Retreat (don't forget 11:30 dismissal).

      Friendly reminder...Christmas Concert is this Tuesday at 6:30 (that is why no homework room on Tuesday)

     Students are beginning to run low or have completely lost their glue sticks, scissors, markers, pencils, etc.  These items make great stocking stuffers!

     Here is what we are going to try and accomplish this week:

    RELIGION - Students will be quizzed on the Jesse Tree material we have been covering all month.  A study guide packet came home on Friday (the 14th).  Quiz will be on Thursday.

    SOCIAL STUDIES - 50 states map quiz on Wednesday - one more time!  If students achieved a 100% on it, they do not have to do it again.

    MATH - We are still studying long division. We will still be studying this when we return from Christmas break in January.

    READING/WRITING/SPELLING - We are having a spelling list this week.  We have completed 'The Best Christmas Pageant Ever'.  We watched the movie version on Friday.  The students enjoyed seeing what the Herdmans looked like.  We will be doing some projects and writings this week related to the book as well as to Christmas.


    December 10 - 14  HOMEWORK ROOM TUESDAY

    It was wonderful seeing everyone at conferences.  As a teacher, it feels great to know that we are working as a team to do our best for each child.  Thank you for your support.  

    As for this week:

    READING/SPELLING/WRITING - We are finishing up the chapter book 'The Best Christmas Pageant Ever'.  The students seem to be really enjoying the story.  End of this week/beginning of next we will work on some end of story "projects".          WE WILL BE HAVING A SPELLING LIST THIS WEEK.

    MATH - We are starting long division. 

    RELIGION - We are still remembering the true meaning of Advent as well as the wonderful stories that make up the Jessse Tree.

    SOCIAL STUDIES - Students will be given another chance with the 50 states map this Wednesday. 



    With the beginning of Advent on Sunday, our days are becoming filled with excitement.  We have studies we will be completing along with prayer, reflections, and a few projects.

    **This Friday, the 7th, 11:00 dismissal for parent teacher conferences.**

    READING/WRITING/SPELLING - This week we are starting the short chapter book "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever".  Our spelling lists will incorporate words from this book.  We will also be doing a few fun, in class projects.

    Students are busy at work typing up their first narrative stories.  We hope to have them completed before break so copies can be sent home for your enjoyment!

    MATH - We have been discussing the math vocabulary terms factors, prime number, composite number and multiples.  Knowing and understading these will lead us into the world of division which will be our next unit of study.

    RELIGION - Prayer and reflection on the season of Advent as well as  study of the Jesse Tree is what we will be using our religion time for this and in the following weeks.

     One last announcement..students are working on each earning 10 Class DoJo points by Thursday so we can have a board game day next Friday.  They are off to a pretty good start!



    As I finish the last of my Thanksgiving leftovers, I begin to think about our upcoming week.  Hoping everyone is feeling rested and recharged.  

    2 quick announcements/updates:  1.  Reminder parent teacher conferences have been rescheduled for next Friday, the 7th.  Dismissal will be at 11:00 with conferences beginning at 11:30.    2. I added a video tab to our 4th grade website.  Please check out our Thanksgiving song.  The students worked really hard on this!

    As for what we will be working on this week:

    READING/WRITING/SPELLING - We will be enjoying a mystery in our textbooks this week, 'The Case of the Gasping Garbage'.  This will lead us into a narrative/mystery writing.  We will be having spelling this week.

    MATH - We are finishing up our 2 digit by 2 digit multiplication.  From here we will be covering communtative, distributive and associative properties of multiplication as well as the aspects of prime/composite (all aspects of multiplication).

    RELIGION - An extra credit option will be coming home on Monday.  Directions and when it is due is on the sheet.

     Our studies will be on the Jesse Tree as this goes along with Advent which starts next Sunday, the 2nd.




    November 19 and 20           NO HOMEWORK ROOM THIS WEEK

    Hope everyone enjoyed the snow day and stayed safe.  In case you missed it, parent teacher conferences are rescheduled for Friday, December 7th.  If you can not make your time, please contact me and we will set up a new time.  

    As for our 2 days this week, we will be trying a to accomplish a few things, some of them turkey themed.

    We will be doing DEAR time at least one day so please have your student bring in a flashlight for DEAR time in the dark.

    Just a reminder that the Thanksgiving Prayer Service and luncheon is at 11:30 on Tuesday. Grades 3-5 are responsible for the entertainment this year.  Our class will be singing the Leon Bridges song, "Thankful for Friends at Thanksgiving".   

    If I don't see you this week, I wish you and your family a very blessed Thanksgiving.  Good times, good food, God's blessings on you and yours.


    November 12 - 16        NO  HOMEWORK  ROOM  THIS  WEEK  OR  NEXT  WEEK

     I want to start out by saying I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend. I also wanted to send out a huge thank you to the many veterans both with connections to our class and beyond.  Thank you for your service and sacrifices.

    With the day off on Monday and 11:00 dismissal on Friday for parent teacher conferences that leaves us 3 days of regular classes.  We are going to try our best to get some things accomplished.

    RELIGION - students are completing their brief saint biographies.  I hope to have them up by Friday.

    SPELLING - no list this week or next week 

    READING - we finally got to read the Encyclopedia Brown story from our readers.  Students wrote some great mystery/adventure stories.  It was great fun listening to our budding authors.  This week we will be delving into some Scholastic News magazines which will give us practice as text detectives with non-fiction.

        FLASHLIGHT FRIDAY DEAR TIME this Friday - send in those flashlights!

    MATH - we will be reading some Dyna Math magazines which gives us the opportunity to practice a variety of topics. 


    November 5 - 9

    Phew!  What a week last week was.  We were certainly action packed with lots of fun activities sprinkled in.  Hopefully your student shared with you some of the fun we had.

    This past week students delved into the world of chrome books and i ready.  Most students have completed the initial diagnostics and have begun their individual lessons.  Students have their individual username and password in the back of their student planner if you'd like to sneak a peek at this fantastic online site.

    As for this week:

    READING - We did not get to the Encyclopedia Brown story last week so we will be enjoying it this week.  I'm also hoping to get to some adventure writing this week too.

    MATH - We are still studying 2 digit x 2 digit multiplication.  We are also going to be studying multiplication multi step word problems.

    RELIGION - We are getting ready to introduce and study the 7 sacraments.

    SOCIAL STUDIES - Early New Yorkers is our next unit of study.  


    October 29 - November 2

     This week had its ups and downs.  The students are participating in Class DoJo.  On Wednesday afternoon I set a class goal... each student needs to achieve 10 points by Tuesday at 2:30.  If each students achieves this I promised them a reward.

    Monday and Tuesday look to be "normal" days.  Wednesday is Halloween.  The costume parade starts at 1:15.  After the parade and pictures students are permitted to leave with an adult who signs them out at the front office.

    Thursday is All Saints Day.  There will be an all school mass at 9:00.  All are welcome to join us.

    Friday is a half day.  Dismissal is at 11:30.  Please make appropriate dismissal plans.

    As for what we are going to try and accomplish this week:

    SPELLING - We will have a list this week.  Assignments will be adjusted.

    READING/WRITING - First quarter book reports are almost finished.  Students will be presenting them this week.  We will hopefully, also, be reading a story from our readers entitled 'Encyclopedia Brown'.  This will lead us to our first narrative writing.   

    RELIGION - We are coming to the end of our practice of praying the rosary.  Students will be bringing home their rosary lap books this week.

    MATH - Our next step is 2 digit x 2 digit multiplication (they way you learned it :)  

      Lastly, with Friday being a half day I'm planning a fun STEM catapult activity as well as some DEAR time.  I'm asking if each student could please bring in a flashlight to help enhance our DEAR time.   Thank you so much for your support!


    October 22 - 26

     The students did a great job with the testing last week.  They really perservered like champs!  We are back to our regular schedule this week with the exception of picture day on Friday.

     There will be homework room on Monday and Tuesday.

    As for our classes:

    ELA/Spelling/Reading - Students are finishing up their book reports.  Most students read a book by Andrew Clements.  A few read books by Beverly Cleary.  As these books are finished I'll be sure to post pictures of their finished projects.   There will be a regular spelling list this week.   We are also delving into a few Scholastic News magazines to practice a variety of informational text skills.     If time permits we will also be doing a formal study of nouns.

    Math - We are continuing our mad minutes.  We are taking our study of multiplication a step farther...two digit by two digit multiplication is where we will be this week.  

    Religion - Studying the rosary is what we are studying.  At least once a week we pray one decade of the rosary.  Last week we made lap books that included all the prayers as well as the mysteries of the rosary.

    Social Studies - We are coming to the end of chapter 2.  On Monday students will answer chapter review questions.  These can be used to study for the quiz that will be held on Wednesday.




    October 15 - 19

     We have a few more days of IOWA testing this week.  The students are really participating like champs.  I am very proud of their hard work and concentration.  

    Here is what we are working on this week:

    SPELLING - regular list and homework this week

    READING - students are continuing to read their book report books. Students are filling out index cards with each story's most important details which focus on main idea, main characters setting, problem and resolution.

    MATH - we are continuing to focus on multi digit times one digit multiplication.



     October 8 - 12

    Hope everyone is enjoying the 4 day weekend.  This week we begin our IOWA testing.  Everyday, in the morning, students will participate in 45 - 90 minutes of testing.  The best way to prepare is to get a good night's sleep and enjoy breakfast.  It would also be helpful if students had a few sharpened #2 pencils and a book to read with them in case they finish early.


    A quick note from Ms.Moran, our favorite art teacher...students need to bring in a family picture this week. Pictures should be brought in a ziploc bag clearly labeled with the student's name and grade so photos can be returned.

    One last reminder, Scholastic book orders are due on the 10th.

    ELA - we will be having spelling this week.  Also this week we will begin our first quarter book report.  Students will choose a book from a selection of books I will provide.  Reading will be done in class as well as the writing of the report.

    MATH - we are continuing with lesson 3 which is leading us into 2 digit x 2 digit.

    RELIGION - don't forget Tuesday is our all school mass which 4th grade is leading.  Please feel free to join us.

    SOCIAL STUDIES - not sure how much of this we will get to this week with the testing.  We will try our best to continue our study of NY state weather and geography.     



    October 1 - 5

      Hope everyone enjoyed this beautiful weekend!  We have a lot going on this week so I'm going to jump right into it:

    The 4th and 5th grade field trip to the Capitol is this Wednesday.  Please refer back to the permission slip for specifics about what students should wear and packing lunch.

    Friendly reminder...no school this Friday due to a professional development day.   There is also no school on Monday the 8th because it is Columbus Day.

    Tuesday, the 9th is our next all school mass.  We will be celebrating Our Lady of the Rosary.  4th grade will be planning this mass.  Please plan on attending if you are available.

    Scholastic book orders, passed out on Meet the Teacher Night, are due in on October 10th.

    Please encourage your child to not bring in toys.  They are becoming a distraction during class time as students are not remembering to keep them in their backpacks until recess.

    SPELLING - We are not having a list this week.

    READING - We are continuing our reading of 'Scene Two' which is a play

    RELIGION - Besides studying the rosary, we will be celebrating the feast of St. Francis of Assisi.  Students are encouraged to bring in pictures of their pets, both living and deceased, to be a part of a pet blessing we will be doing.

    MATH - We are beginning our study of multiplication.  We will first be studying associative, commutative and distributive properties.

    SOCIAL STUDIES - We are discussing the environment of New York.

         That's our week.   Friendly reminder, homework room Monday and Tuesday.