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     February 2021

     Dear friends,

     The St. Madeleine Sophie School community wishes you a healthy and joyful New Year.  As 2021 moves forward, I am asking for your support to continue growing the mission of our school by contributing to our Annual Fund Drive.  This vibrant and faith-filled center of learning only succeeds through the collaborative effort of staff, students, volunteers, and our parishioners.  Because of the Covid pandemic, we were unable to host fundraising events last year and also chose to defer the Annual Fund Drive to a more appropriate time.  Preparing our young children of God to become leaders, learners, and servants to the mission of our faith is our priority and deserves our renewed and constant attention.

     Moneys raised through the Annual Fund have a direct impact on the everyday lives of our students and are applied in a variety of ways.  The donations received are used to provide tuition assistance to those families most in need, fund online and in-person professional development for teachers and staff, maintain a high level of technology for instruction, and help address maintenance of our facilities and grounds, all of which contribute to a learning experience of high quality for all students.

    The gifts received from this appeal also allow the school to address needs as they arise.  The Covid pandemic has presented unparalleled challenges that our school community has encountered and overcome with great success.  We creatively reopened our school for in-person learning in September, and have remained open by following high standards for safety.  Using our spacious campus to allow for social distancing, allowing students to choose either in-person or remote learning, creating classrooms in the Parish Hall along with outdoor tents and learning spaces have all contributed to an active, focused environment for learning.  The enormous cost associated with pandemic protocols will continue to be a concern for the foreseeable future, including the inability to share needed learning materials such as Chromebooks.

    Our goal for funds this year is ambitious, $75,000, but the fact that all money given is not restricted, but available to support essentially every aspect of our school, assures you, the giver, that your gift will be well spent.  There are various ways of making a donation.  You can use this link for our FACTS Giving account https://factsmgtadmin.com/give/appeal/DLFh3PRQq, the “Support SMS” tab on our school webpage, or the enclosed envelope to send your donation.  The online portal has options for one time or recurring donations.  All gifts are tax deductible, and memorial contributions are welcome.  Please include the name of the individual you wish to honor.

    I am grateful for the enormous support that St. Madeleine Sophie School continues to receive.  It is only through our joint efforts, prayers, and actions that our school continues to thrive.  Please be sure to check our weekly bulletin column, website, and social media accounts to see how your gift is providing our students and families with the greatest gift of a Catholic school education.

    With prayers and appreciation,

    Mrs. Kelly Sloan